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Introduction of Blue Whatsapp apk

Blue Whatsapp apk is a modified form of simple WhatsApp that allows us to do several different things apart from a simple WhatsApp. It is an updated form of WhatsApp, though. It is a third-party application and not available on the Play Store. You will see messages the sender has deleted, which will be visible on blue WhatsApp.

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Blue Whatsapp apk

In the Blue whatsapp application, we can read all the deleted chats. This version of simple WhatsApp is a pure gift for users. You can do settings of your type there. If you are busy and someone is disturbing you by calling repeatedly, you can do settings, and he will not be able to contact you again. This is a very safe and secure application and does not harm the device. The technical team of this application regularly give updates to the users. If an application is showing any error, the update recovers it.


2. Last seen indication

No one will be able to see your last seen on this modded version form of WhatsApp. If someone sends you messages, no one can see the blue tick until you read this.

3. Hiding personal details

Green whatsapp apk

colour whatsapp apk download can hide your profile picture, depending on to whom you want to show the profile picture. If someone saves our contact by name and opens it on WhatsApp, our profile will be visible to him. If you want to show your profile to only some people, then your profile may only be visible to those you wish to offer.

4. Saving options

If you want to save someone’s status or profile picture and not want it to be known to anyone, then you are in the right place. This feature was not given there, but blue WhatsApp allows you to save someone’s status and profile picture.

5. Automatically reply to messages

An internet connection is necessary to text someone, but now you are free from this. If you do not have an internet connection or are at a far-away place where the network is unavailable, you can send a message to someone you want.An Auto reply will be sent automically to users.


6. Some extra features

blue whatsapp apk secures your Privacy and can reply to someone you want and will not show any of your activity to others. This application is called a blue app because it has a blue theme. You can also change that theme in settings and colour. You can enlarge or change the text to be as small as you like and the writing style you want.

Users can also choose the icons according to their choice. Some excellent news for iPhone users: who can change the theme icon wallpaper to iPhone WhatsApp? This feature is specially developed for iPhone users.

7. Backup your memories

Anyone can back up their every bit of data on WhatsApp by using this feature. If someone’s phone is lost or some other accident happens. blue whatsapp apk is uninstalled from the device; you can back up your data quickly.

How to download Blue whatsapp apk?

Open your device and turn to a good internet network. Click on your default browser and write the name of this application. A new window will appear. Open the first tab of the window and scroll towards the download option.

Wait for some time. After returning to your device’s main page, this application will be shown. Start installing it, and the log-in menu will appear after installing it. You must provide your phone number, and the verification code will be received.

Pros and cons


. By using this blue WhatsApp apk 2023 will now enjoy your Privacy.
. Users can save the profile picture or status of anyone they want.
. You read messages, and the blue tick will appear once you reply.
. You need an internet connection to use this app. Call or text anyone in the world you want.
. Beautifully developed with a good theme and colour.
. Adjust text styles, font, wallpaper, and theme according to your choice.
. An auto-reply feature is available that sends a message to anyone automatically.
. Supports different languages.
. It has extra features and covers every aspect of this modern era.


. This third-party application is not available on Pay Store or Google Play.

Blue WhatsApp dl. Not entirely safe and secure.
. Needs an internet connection for usage.


1. Is it good for Privacy?
Yes, whatsapp blue v9.95 download is fully safe and secure and it doesnot harms the user privacy.
2. What is blue WhatsApp apk?
Blue WhatsApp update is a modified form of WhatsApp and a third-party application that protects the users privacy.
3. Is the blue WhatsApp dl safe and secure?
Although a third-party application, it is safe and secure and will not harm your data and private details.


Blue whatsapp is Full of great features and made according to the modern age, the user will be delighted after installing Blue WhatsApp G.B. on their device. It allows the protection of user privacy and is designed for this purpose. When clicking on the settings options, the online status will not be shown to anyone. No one will see the last seen indication. If someone sends a message and the user is online, he cannot see whether my text has been seen.

No one will be able to see the profile picture and will not be able to call on this WhatsApp blue v9.95 download app until the user wants to. If someone calls repeatedly, disturbing your Privacy, click the turn-off call option, and you will be shown offline.
Additionally, you can change the wallpaper or theme and font size style to the best choice. Everyone can enlarge or small the size of fonts and can also change their style to bold italic or any other that they want. You can also back up your data and memories. Auto reply message is another great feature that allows you to send messages automatically.

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