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Name Hello Neighbor Apk
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher Ludia Inc.
MOD Features Unlocked
Version Latest
Size 150 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+
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Do you like horror games?

If yes! Then this article is for you. The Hello Neighbor apk a fantastic horror game with many adventures. If you get some entertainment, then download Hello Neighbor app full version according to your taste and enjoy it. This game is about your strange neighbor, that hides many secrets in the basement, and some horror noises come from his house. Enter in the neighbor’s house and find the clues and some objects that are useful for you to solve the mystery. You are trying to investigate to know all his secrets from the neighbor’s window, but he gets suspicious. He has cameras in his full house, and through the shortcut, he catches you, but you are trying to escape from his home.

Table Of Contents
  1. what is hello neighbor apk
  2. the best feature
  3. the old version of hello neighbor
  4. can we play hello neighbor free
  5. how to get hello neighbor apk
  6. conclusion

What is Hello Neighbor Apk?

Hello neighbor APK v 1.0 is a full version for android, where you can get unlimited payments without any work. I am free to get and provides you many easy steps to win the game. Step by step guideline is available in this MOD you can follow them and win the game. This version can be run on PlayStation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, MAC, XBOX 36, etc. 

The latest version is released on 8 Dec 2017. Although it needs some permissions like open the network sockets, read-only state of the phone to access, list of accounts in the Account Service. Moreover, follow some instructions before playing the game.

  1. Open the app is you download it successfully.
  2. Find the movement control stick that is available on the left side of your screen.
  3. Action buttons are available on the left side.
  4. Sing all these controls, and you will be able to find out some new gadgets, useful objects, and coins.

The best feature

The game becomes much attractive because of its functions; that’s why people like it most. The best feature of this game is graphics; it provides a horror touch to the game. It gives you realistic and excellent graphics, if you have suitable devices, you can enjoy its graphics mode, and you can change the graphics setting according to your device. Without good graphics, it’s not possible to give a horror appearance. You felt something horror in the neighbor’s house, and the gradual tension arises. You will think that some killer or any dangerous person will catch you.

In this game, there is a stumbling block waiting for you. You have to cross it to win the game. For winning the game, understand the following things and follow them if you want to get excellent progress in Hello Neighbor.

  1. If you are climbing through the window, keep in mind to avoid getting caught by your neighbor.
  2. Keep yourself hide from the cameras in the house and enter the house by some secret door.
  3. Before the neighbor finds the secret door, you try to run from his home.
  4. But if the neighbor finds you, then hide under the bed or any cabinet.
  5. Because Neighbor in the Hello Neighbor is a hazardous person who will find any data about you, so that doesn’t repeat the steps that you have done before. It is the best trick to win your level.
  6. If you solve all these hurdles successfully, then the new level appears in front of you.

The old version of Hello Neighbor:

Like horror movies people like horror games also, there are many horror games are available on play store. Hello neighbor is one of them, but this game is full of adventure and experience. According to time, many updated versions are developed. The first version of Hello Neighbor is developed in Oct 2016 then its updated version Secret Neighbor First Add-On was released in June 2018. Many other old versions are available on the play store; you can download a new version also is the old version is outdated or not running properly. It provides you many advantages like an unlimited diamond, coins, and universal life that will help you to complete your levels quicker. 

Can we play Hello neighbor free?

Of-course yes! This game is available for both Android and IOS users. You don’t need to have the internet or pay for anything because it is free for everyone. Just download it from the play store, read the instructions below, and install it and, without any internet, enjoy Hello Neighbor. Get much money and unlimited life only with few seconds.

How to get Hello Neighbor Apk?

If you download this game for your smartphone, you can get it quickly from the play store. All versions are available on the play store. Either you want to play the old version or new once. Follow these steps and get your favorite version now!

  1. For your smartphone, go to play store and search the Hello Neighbor Apk.
  2. Click on the install option and wait for the download.
  3. Before installing it in your phone, go to settings and privacy options then click on enable (all unknown resources).
  4. Install it on your phone and start playing this fantastic game.
  5. But in case of a laptop or computer, you must have an emulator or Bluestacks to run the Hello Neighbor application.
  6. Download the Bluestacks on your Laptop or computer, then download the Hello Neighbor Apk file from the browser and download it by Bluestacks.
  7. After download, the Apk file clicks on the application to install.


An adventurous and horror game that provides much entertainment in your free time. If you are free and you have nothing to do, then download the Neighbor mod and start your adventure with us!

This will provide the best ways to remove your fear from horror places, but keep in mind this game is not for heart patients. It can keep your account sharp to solve the scary mystery. The Hello Neighbor offers you many features like excellent graphics and sound many exciting plots and unusual puzzles. It is a much impressive and fantastic game, so don’t wait for a movement and start to play.

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