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Name Amazon Underground Apk
ID Get on Playstore
Publisher Ludia Inc.
MOD Features Unlocked
Version Latest
Size 150 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 and up+
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Amazon Underground Apk: All android cell phone sets have a pre-Installed application known as google play store to find or download apps of your own choice into your cell phone like games and other applications. There are also many other applications stores present through which you can get different forms that are not present in your cell phone. Amazon underground is also one of the outsider application that is used to download various application instead of using the play store. There are many merits of this app to download, as it may help you to download different apps at free cost.

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Amazon Underground Apk: This application provides you a chance to download your favorite applications free of cost or at low charges. It is an app store offered by amazon in which you can find a large number of apps. Amazon app store is an official app and is not present on google play store. By this fantastic app by amazon, you have an independent app store that provides you extraordinary advantages. It also may help you to find deals and app free for a limited time and is the best alternative for google play store, and the essential feature is that it provides vide verity off apps with free cost. Simply pre-installed in amazon gadgets like kindle fire tablet or phone and a streaming box. As the amazon gadgets also work on the android system, this app is also android based. 


Downloading free games and apps:

More than $10000 can win in the form of apps and games in app free items.

Updates for apps:

You can update the tab on this app to know if you have gotten the latest version of the app.

Rating for apps:

You can search for the ratings and reviews for different apps given by the other users of this app. it will provide you with a better consolation.


You will get notifications for the new upcoming apps that would be trending these days. 

Root requirement:

This application needs no root of your gadget to utilize this app. amazon underground does not require any root authorization to install any app.

Downloading speed:

The Lite version of this application intends to be the fastest all over the world.


Some alternative app store is not that safe for you to download apps, but amazon underground is a very reliable application and offers secure paid apps for free.


It is very applicable for every android gadget and running on android 4.4 or higher. 

How to use amazon underground apk;

Most android gadgets are secure to amazon underground. It can be simply used by signing in a new amazon account. Amazon underground provide versatile applications to their clients. 

You just need to use a registered amazon account to use amazon underground. Hence it is safe to use. Many people thought it illegal, but it is not actually. Amazon apk gives clients excellent packages with free app download.  

How to download amazon underground apk:

You can download it simply, just download apk file by specific amazon site. 

Download amazon underground from websites.

Download the app by clicking on the app and allow all necessary verification points. 


Amazon underground was launched on August 26, 2015, and amazon formally dismissed its daily free app program. In 2016 amazon announced statics on the growth of amazon underground and also announced that the app would be closed till 2019. 


Amazon underground is very helpful for android phones. It makes it easy to download a different application with free of cost. This app also makes it easy to download various apps only with the single click, is also the best alternative for the google app store. It provides a large number of apps to download also gives notifications to update you about upcoming apps. It may also help you to save money. 


Allow heavily downloaded apps free of cost. 

Very easy to use. 

 The filter is very impressive. 

It provides necessary apps, videos, and games.

De merits:

Requires registered amazon account. 

Installation requires many sets for verification. 

App offers are at a low rate. 

Some apps may be time-consuming for updating.

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